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Real windows framed as T.V screens (Project), 2014 Ibon Mainar

andrea’s brain:

Dabrowski and Piechowski characterized this as a marked need to seek understanding and truth, to gain knowledge, and to analyze and synthesize. Intensely curious, IOEs are often avid readers, critical thinkers and unusually keen observers. They are able to concentrate, engage in prolonged intellectual effort, and be tenacious in problem solving. IOEs will tend to theorize, and even think about thinking, including moral thinking. Even among children, this focus on moral thinking often translates into strong concerns about moral and ethical issues, e.g., fairness or being concerned about conventionally adult issues such as homelessness.

Those who experience IOE as a trait or a frequent state also tend to be independent thinkers, critical of and impatient with others who cannot or will not keep up with their intellectual pace.

[It is fair to speculate that IOE may also correlate with

  • (over)confidence that is perceived by others as arrogance or conceit
  • facility of thought that comes across as contrived and “unnatural” (because of its difficulty, alien or theoretical quality, perceived irrelevance, abstraction, formality or “uncool” unconventionality)

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Le Saut Dans le Cashew.